This page includes: (1) reports generated by the Faculty Policy Committee and any subcommittees it charges; (2) reports by groups charged by the Chair of the Faculty (perhaps in collaboration with others); (3) some key reports from Standing Committees of the Faculty – these reports and related links are also found on the web pages of these committees; and (4) reports from Institute-wide initiatives or task forces on topics that are of direct relevance to faculty members – such as community, diversity, education, student life, and more. Please contact us if there is an additional report that you would like to see included here.

January 2021
Committee on Career Exploration and Services
David Darmofal

Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz convened the MIT Committee on Student Career Exploration and Services to review aspects and activities associated with student career exploration and services, and to identify changes that would enhance exploration of, and access to, a broad range of careers in a manner that best serves student needs.

May 2014
Graduate Student Housing Working Group
Phillip Clay

The Provost appointed the Graduate Student Housing Working Group to evaluate how graduate student housing needs are currently met, identify strengths and weaknesses in the current system, and make recommendations for meeting graduate housing needs in the future.

March 2005
Committees on the Undergraduate Program and Student Life
Hazel Sive, Mark Schuster

The Institute Faculty at its meeting of May 15, 2002 requested that CUP and CSL undertake a joint effort to consider advising and mentoring at MIT and to make recommendations to the faculty.

December 1999
Committee Not Specified
Lawrence Bacow

MIT's residential system should try to support three separate objectives: provide students with adequate, clean, comfortable housing and dining; create a comfortable, welcoming environment – in other words, a home; and promote community by stimulating interaction among students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni/ae.

October 1999
Residence System Steering Committee
William Hecht

The Residence System Steering Committee was appointed by the Chancellor to consider the MIT Residence System in total, and to describe a residence system for MIT that maximizes the opportunity to contribute to the integrated educational experience of its residents.

September 1998
Presidential Task Force on Student Life and Learning
John Hansman, Robert Silbey

MIT President Charles M. Vest appointed the Presidential Task Force on Student Life and Learning to undertake a comprehensive review of the Institute's educational mission and its implementation.

December 1994
Ad Hoc Working Group to Review Past Reports on Undergraduate Life and Learning
Lawrence Bacow

The Ad Hoc Working Group was asked by the President and the Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs to review a number of past reports of committees charged with evaluating different aspects of undergraduate life at MIT.