January 26, 2022 - New Piazza discussion forum for MIT instructors

Dear Colleagues,
In response to your suggestions, we have set up a Piazza discussion forum for MIT instructors to share tips and ideas, and to crowdsource suggestions for challenges that instructors face. 

How to Join the Forum

Please feel free to share the link with others on your instructional staff, but we ask that you not post or share the link more widely, so that it remains a conversation among MIT instructors.

The forum is unmoderated, so we are relying on the community to be civil and respectful, and to remember that MIT has a wide diversity of disciplines, teaching styles, and philosophies, but that we are united by our drive to help students succeed and accomplish great things.

This forum is meant to supplement, and not replace, the set of existing resources that provide information and support to instructors.  Some of these include: 

Thank you for your continued support of our students, and warm wishes for a successful semester.


Lily Tsai, Chair of the Faculty