The MIT Faculty as a whole plays many key roles in the governance of the Institute, including stewardship of academic and educational matters, through its standing committees, monthly meetings, and procedures defined in Rules and Regulations of the Faculty. These web pages provide related information and resources. Note: We are committed to accessibility and inclusion. If you encounter an accessibility barrier, please contact us.

Communications from the Chair

Pulse of the Faculty

The Pulse of the Faculty is a tool to get faculty input on community-sourced questions affecting all of us. Questions stay up for a week, and all responses are fully anonymous. Your faculty officers encourage you to give it a try!

Breakfasts and Coffee Hours - Upcoming Dates

Spring Updates from the Faculty Committees

Mary C. Fuller

As you may know, faculty governance at MIT operates in two modes: through our traditionally open monthly meetings and through a system of standing committees. Last month, I wrote about faculty meetings; this month’s column is an update from the standing committees of the faculty. These committees have a membership proposed by the Committee on Nominations at the March meeting and elected in May; their business ranges from student life, to graduate and undergraduate education, to libraries and buildings. ... The rest of this and other communications can be found on the Communications from the Chair page.