This page includes: (1) reports generated by the Faculty Policy Committee and any subcommittees it charges; (2) reports by groups charged by the Chair of the Faculty (perhaps in collaboration with others); (3) some key reports from Standing Committees of the Faculty – these reports and related links are also found on the web pages of these committees; and (4) reports from Institute-wide initiatives or task forces on topics that are of direct relevance to faculty members – such as community, diversity, education, student life, and more. Please contact us if there is an additional report that you would like to see included here.

October 2005
Special Committee to Review the Discipline Process
Lorna Gibson

This committee was charged by Chancellor Phillip Clay and Chair of the Faculty Rafael Bras to: assess the Committee on Discipline and the Office of the Dean for Student Life procedures and processes and identify places where changes are needed to make them consistent, transparent, and fair; set standards and outline procedures for specific types of cases; recommend legislative changes to implement their recommendations

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