Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee

About the Committee

Each year the Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee chooses one individual from among the junior members of the MIT faculty to be awarded the Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award. The award, resulting from contributions by faculty during the Leadership Campaign, was established in the fall of 1982 as a permanent tribute to Institute Professor Emeritus Harold E. Edgerton for his great and enduring support for younger faculty members over the years. The purpose of the award is to recognize exceptional distinction in teaching, in research, and in service. The Selection Committee consists of four faculty members elected by vote of the Faculty from a slate prepared by the Faculty Nominations Committee, and a chair selected from the previous year’s committee by the Chair of the Faculty.

List of Recipients

The Call for Nominations will be sent to all faculty on December 15, 2023.

Deadline for 2023-2024 Nominations: January 26, 2024, by email to Dr. Tami Kaplan. Please direct questions to Dr. Kaplan.

A complete nomination packet consists of three items:

  1. A letter (maximum of five pages) summarizing the candidate’s contributions to teaching, research, and service to the MIT and/or professional communities. A strong letter of nomination will explain the significance of the nominee’s research and publications record to non-specialists and include brief quotations from other MIT faculty, staff members, or students. We encourage you to include in the letter an executive summary, as well as to highlight significant publications and teaching evaluations; information on current research support and pending proposals could also be helpful. Tip: Previous committees have found that letters with detailed technical accounts of research – as if writing for peers in their discipline – were less persuasive than those with good descriptions of the impacts of the nominee’s research and testimonials from other colleagues about teaching and service.
  2. A current curriculum vitae in the standard format for the candidate’s School or Department (Faculty Personnel Record preferred when available).
  3. A record of teaching evaluations and subjects taught.

NOTES: Additional supporting letters are not needed and should not be submitted. In addition, self-nominations are not accepted.