About the Committee


The Committee on Nominations shall consist of seven Faculty members. The Faculty Officers shall nominate candidates for the Committee each year, to be included in the list of nominees circulated by the Committee for election by the Faculty. No Faculty Officer shall be eligible to be nominated for service on the Committee until one year after completing her/his/their service as an officer.

  1. The Committee shall nominate the following in the appropriate years: a Chair-elect, an Associate Chair, and a Secretary of the Faculty; and shall also nominate candidates for the elected membership of the Standing Committees.  
  2. The Committee shall circulate the list of nominees to all members of the Faculty not later than the April meeting of the Faculty.  
  3. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies that may occur during the year in the offices of Chair, Chair-elect, Associate Chair, and Secretary, and in the elected membership of the Standing Committees.

Information on the nomination process can be found here.

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