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About the Committee

Each year the James R. Killian, Jr., Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee chooses one member of the MIT faculty to be the Killian Award Lecturer for the following academic year. The Award was established in the spring of 1971 as a permanent tribute to Dr. James R. Killian, Jr., President of the Institute from 1948 to 1959 and Chairman of the MIT Corporation from 1959 to 1971. The purpose of the Award is to recognize extraordinary professional accomplishments by MIT faculty members and to communicate these accomplishments to members of the MIT community. The recipient of the Killian Award holds the title of Killian Award Lecturer for one academic year and during the course of this year presents one or more lectures to the MIT community on his or her own professional activities. The Selection Committee consists of four faculty members elected by vote of the Faculty from a slate prepared by the Faculty Nominations Committee, and a chair selected from the previous year’s committee by the Chair of the Faculty.

2021-2022 Nominations: Details regarding the 2021-2022 nominations process will be available in August 2021. Please direct questions to Dr. Tami Kaplan.

A complete nomination packet consists of three items:

  1. A letter (maximum of four pages) outlining the case for the nominee clearly and concisely, including in particular the nominee’s impact on and service to her/his field. The nominator’s letter is extremely important. It should highlight the nominee’s contributions, and argue for her/his merit and significance in terms of the Killian Award objectives.
  2. A standard curriculum vitae.
  3. Letters of support (each a maximum of four pages) from three other current MIT faculty members.

Please submit only complete nomination packets.