About the Committee


The Faculty Policy Committee shall consist of the Chair of the Faculty who shall be Chair of the Committee; the Associate Chair of the Faculty who shall be Deputy Chair of the Committee; the Secretary of the Faculty; the Chair-elect or the immediately preceding Associate Chair (in alternate years); seven elected Faculty members; one undergraduate and one graduate student; and, ex officiis nonvoting, two members designated by the Provost, and one member designated by the President.

The Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Formulate policy on matters of concern to the Faculty, for approval by the Faculty; interpret and implement policy as approved by the Faculty.
  2. Coordinate the work of the other Committees of the Faculty, establishing liaison with them, providing guidance and direction, and referring issues to particular Committees or establishing Ad Hoc Committees as appropriate.
  3. Maintain a broad overview of the Institute's academic programs, coordinating and reviewing proposals from the Standing and Ad Hoc Committees for presentation to Faculty meeting.
  4. Maintain a broad overview of the activities of the Office of Corporate Relations and other similar efforts as they relate to the activities of the members of the Faculty.
  5. Keep informed of new problems of potential conflicts of interest and recommend appropriate modifications of policies and procedures to the Faculty.
  6. Communicate with the Faculty as a whole on important matters of policy, reporting regularly at Faculty meetings.
  7. Meet periodically with the President, Academic Deans, and others to enhance the interchange between the Faculty and the Administration on matters of concern to the Faculty.
  8. Consider issues involving relationships between Administration and both Faculty and other academic staff with teaching responsibilities
  9. Establish the manner in which the academic program is presented in official Institute publications, delegating to other Standing Committees such parts of the responsibility as deemed desirable.

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