About the Committee

As the Institute’s committee on strategic enrollment issues, the Enrollment Management Group (EMG) is charged with delivering an annual set of four recommendations to the Academic Council each November as follows: (1) freshman and transfer class size; (2) undergraduate and graduate housing, dining and student life fee pricing; (3) undergraduate and graduate tuition pricing; (4) undergraduate financial aid changes in the context of current strategy and policies. EMG works in concert with the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid (CUAFA), which is vested with the authority to make recommendations to EMG as regards admissions and financial aid policies, but not on pricing issues. The Vice Chancellor chairs EMG. Full committee members: Provost; Chair or Associate Chair of the Faculty; Chancellor; Chair of CUAFA; Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services; Vice President and Dean for Student Life; Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Education; Senior Associate Dean, Residential Education; Executive Vice President and Treasurer; Vice President for Finance. Ad hoc members: Assistant Provost; Director of Special Projects, Admissions and Student Financial Services; Director of Financial Aid; Director of Admissions; Executive Director for Administration, Dean for Student Life; Senior Financial Analyst, Budget and Financial Analysis.

EMG is a Standing Institute Committee that reports to the Chancellor.