About the Committee


The Committee on Student Life shall consist of six elected members of the Faculty, three undergraduate and three graduate students, and, ex officio nonvoting, the Vice President and Dean for Student Life. The three undergraduate students shall normally include one sophomore, one junior, and one senior.

Because successful education depends on social and affective, as well as cognitive, aspects of the student's experience, the Committee shall be concerned with student life and the quality of the learning and living environment at MIT with specific attention to issues of community.

Among the duties and responsibilities of the Committee shall be:

  1. Exercising general attention for the range, availability, and effectiveness of Institute-wide support services to students, and with the formal and informal relationship among the students, the Institute, and the Faculty.
  2. Considering proposals that would change or modify policies pertinent to student life and making recommendations to the Faculty and the Vice President and Dean for Student Life.
  3. Encouraging innovation in programs regarding student life, particularly involving faculty, including the coordination and review of initiatives. Descriptions of initiatives and reports on their progress and outcome shall be circulated to the Faculty. Initiatives that show enduring value should be incorporated in the usual ways into the Faculty Regulations and administrative practices.
  4. Interacting with other Faculty Committees and student governing organizations and with the Schools, departments, programs, and representatives of support services to students on important issues concerning student life and community and communicating with the MIT community as a whole about such issues.
  5. Serving as the standing Faculty advisory body to the Vice President and Dean for Student Life.