About the Committee


The Committee on Campus Planning shall consist of six elected Faculty members, two undergraduate and two graduate students, up to three Faculty members designated by the Provost, and, ex officio, the Director of Campus Planning. At its discretion, the Committee may invite others in the MIT community to attend on an annual basis as nonvoting members. The Chair of the Faculty shall appoint the Chair of the Committee from among the six elected members of the Committee.

  1. The Committee shall serve as the standing Faculty advisory body to the MIT administration on campus planning. It shall provide Faculty perspectives and counsel on campus planning issues, including, but not limited to, future academic and research needs of the community.
  2. The Committee will undertake to understand the needs of the Faculty for the campus environment and ensure communication with the Faculty on important matters related to the MIT campus and surroundings.
  3. The Chair of the Committee shall be called upon to serve ex officio on the MIT Building Committee.
  4. The Chair of the Faculty shall designate up to three of the elected members to serve ex officio on standing committees of the MIT administration concerned with planning.
  5. Members of the Committee may be called upon to serve on task forces and/or other ad hoc committees concerned with campus planning.
  6. The Committee shall present an annual report of its activities to the Faculty Policy Committee.

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