About the Committee

The Institute is committed to furthering MIT’s mission through its governance with co-member Harvard of the nonprofit entity that will receive the proceeds from the edX transaction (the Entity). This surviving entity – under a new name – will steward and enhance the Open edX platform and tackle challenges in online learning. As part of the establishment of the future of the Entity, along with Harvard and oversight by the AG’s office of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Provost and the Chair of the Faculty is assembling a working group (the Committee). The Committee should:

  • Become familiar with the current edX’s governance as well as its founding goals and how edX has interpreted those goals; 
  • Understand the values, priorities, and expectations of the MIT community for the Entity, particularly those of contributors of MITx courses to edX; and
  • Make any recommendations to update the entity’s charter, its goals, mission, research focus and governance in ways that support the values, priorities, and expectations of MIT community members.

To the extent possible given the timeframe for the Committee’s work, the Committee is encouraged to solicit input and advice through consultation with MIT faculty and other members of the community.

The Committee will work in conjunction with the MITx Faculty Advisory Committee and an ad hoc committee charged with developing recommendations for the design and implementation of the new MIT Online portal. Several members of the Committee will also participate in the MITx Faculty Advisory Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee on MITx and MIT Online to facilitate communication and ensure coordination in the work.

The Committee is asked to provide an interim report with findings and recommendations to the President and the MIT Faculty before October 15, 2021. It is expected that the committee will continue its work through to June 2022 with a final report to the President and Faculty at its conclusion.


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