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The MIT Faculty as a whole plays many key roles in the governance of the Institute, including stewardship of academic and educational matters, through its standing committees, monthly meetings, and procedures defined in Rules and Regulations of the Faculty. These web pages provide related information and resources. A broader set of resources for members of the faculty is available on Faculty Concierge, a portal site sponsored by the Provost’s Office.


Dear Colleagues: In the event of a "Significant Disruption" of academic activities, Section 2.102 of the Rules and Regulations of the Faculty permits the Chair of the Faculty, in consultation with Deans' Group, the Registrar, and the chairs of the Committees on Academic Performance, Graduate Programs, and the Undergraduate Program, to declare that emergency academic procedures are in effect and to impose temporary changes in the regulations regarding the academic calendar, registration, assignments and examinations, grades, the procedures for accepting theses, and the awarding of degrees. The rest of this message can be viewed here, together with Key Features of the emergency regulations. A long version of the regulations can be found here.