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About the Committee


The Committee on Academic Performance shall consist of six elected members of the Faculty, three undergraduate students, and the following ex officio nonvoting members or their designate: the Dean for Undergraduate Education; the Registrar; the Medical Director; the Executive Director, Student Financial Services; the Heads of Student Support Services; Disability Support Services; and one additional member designated by the Dean for Undergraduate Education. The Committee shall be concerned with the academic performance of undergraduates. It shall make recommendations to the Faculty on such matters as minimum scholastic standards, calendar changes, examinations, and grading, in consultation with the Committee on Graduate Programs on those matters which also relate to graduate students.

  1. The Committee shall act with power on petitions from individual undergraduate students relating to exceptions to established academic standards, and on requests to return at the undergraduate level after a personal, medical, or required academic leave, or a leave of absence.
  2. At the conclusion of each regular examination period, the Committee shall hold meetings with representatives of the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education and of the second-year, third-year, and fourth-year Faculty Advisors, in order to review the academic records of undergraduate students and to take appropriate action in the name of the Faculty.
  3. The Committee shall present to the Faculty its recommendations on candidates to be awarded Bachelor's degrees, and also a summary of its other actions.