August 25, 2020 - Expanded Emergency Academic Regulations and Policies Fall 2020

An expanded version of the Emergency Academic Regulations and Policies in effect for the fall semester of 2020 is now available. This version of the regulations and policies announced on August 10 provides additional details on a number of important points.  Accompanying this posting is an expanded version of the Grading Policy for Fall 2020.

The policies and regulations described here were developed by the Academic Policy and Regulations Team (“APART”), whose membership (listed below) includes students and the current and recent chairs of key Faculty Governance committees concerned with the Institute’s educational mission.  These Emergency Academic Regulations and Policies were developed by APART after extensive deliberation and consultation with students, faculty, and staff.  Our aim was to design emergency regulations and policies that take into consideration the diversity of our educational offerings, that anticipate exceptional situations, and which are sensitive to the difficult and unusual circumstances confronting our students, our faculty, and all members of the MIT community who support our educational programs.  APART appreciates the magnitude of the challenges facing many of our students, particularly those working from remote time zones and those with difficult learning environments.  In developing these policies and regulations our goal has been to take into account these challenges while not compromising the quality of the education and training being provided to all MIT students.

Instructors are reminded that other term regulations and examination policies remain in effect and are encouraged to review them.

Rick L. Danheiser
A. C. Cope Professor and
Chair of the MIT Faculty

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

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